Wannon Electorate Demographics (VIC)

In the 2011 census the population of Wannon was 126,899 and is comprised of approximately 50.4% females and 49.6% males.

The median/average age of the population of Wannon is 42 years of age.

87.8% of people living in the electorate of Wannon were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were 2.1% England, 1.4% New Zealand, 0.5% Netherlands, 0.4% Scotland, 0.2% Germany, 0.2% Philippines, 0.2% South Africa, 0.2% India, 0.2% Ireland, 0.1% United States of America, 0.1% China , 0.1% Italy, 0.1% Sri Lanka, 0.1% Canada.

93.4% of people living in Wannon speak English only. The other top languages spoken are 4.3% Language spoken at home not stated, 0.5% Other, 0.2% Dutch, 0.2% German, 0.2% Mandarin, 0.1% Italian, 0.1% French, 0.1% Arabic, 0.1% Tagalog.

The religious makeup of Wannon is 25.8% Catholic, 23.4% No religion, 14.2% Anglican, 10.5% Uniting Church, 9.1% Religious affiliation not stated, 7.0% Presbyterian and Reformed, 2.6% Lutheran, 1.7% Christian, nfd, 1.4% Baptist, 0.6% Other religious affiliation .

51.2% of people are married, 30.1% have never married and 8.1% are divorced and 3.2% are separated. There are 7548 widowed people living in Wannon.

56.5% of the people living in Wannon over the age of 15 and who identify as being in the labour force are employed full time, 32.4% are working on a part time basis. Wannon has an unemployment rate of 4.3%.

The main occupations of people living in Wannon are 20.4% Managers, 14.5% Professionals, 14.0% Technicians & trades workers, 13.4% Labourers, 9.8% Community & personal service workers, 9.8% Clerical & administrative workers, 9.0% Sales workers, 7.0% Machinery operators & drivers, 1.9% Occupation inadequately described/ Not stated.

The main industries people from Wannon work in are 15.7% Agriculture, forestry and fishing, 12.8% Health care and social assistance, 10.6% Retail trade, 10.4% Manufacturing, 7.3% Education and training, 7.3% Construction, 7.0% Accommodation and food services, 5.5% Public administration and safety, 3.9% Transport, postal and warehousing.

42.1% of homes are fully owned, and 30.4% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage. 23.6% of homes are rented.

The median individual income is $493 per week and the median household income is $928 per week.

The median rent in Wannon is $165 per week and the median mortgage repayment is $1192 per month.

The Commonwealth electorate of Wannon contains postcodes 3237, 3239, 3249, 3251, 3260, 3264, 3265, 3266, 3267, 3268, 3269, 3270, 3271, 3272, 3273, 3274, 3276, 3277, 3278, 3279, 3280, 3281, 3282, 3283, 3284, 3285, 3286, 3287, 3289, 3292, 3293, 3294, 3300, 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304, 3305, 3309, 3310, 3311, 3312, 3314, 3315, 3317, 3322, 3323, 3324, 3325, 3351, 3352, 3360, 3361, 3364, 3370, 3371, 3373, 3374, 3375, 3377, 3378, 3379, 3381, 3384, 3401, 3407, 3464, 3465, 3467, 3468, 3469, 3472, 3475, 3477, 3478 and includes the suburbs of Adelaide Lead, Allansford, Allestree, Alma, Amherst, Amphitheatre, Ararat, Archdale, Archdale Junction, Armstrong, Avoca, Ayrford, Bahgallah, Ballangeich, Ballyrogan, Balmoral, Barkly, Bayindeen, Bealiba, Beaufort, Berrybank, Bessiebelle, Bet Bet, Betley, Black Range, Bochara, Bolwarra, Bookaar, Boorcan, Bo Peep, Bornes Hill, Bostocks Creek, Bowenvale, Bradvale, Branxholme, Breakaway Creek, Brewster, Brimboal, Brit Brit, Broadwater, Bromley, Brucknell, Buangor, Buckley Swamp, Bulart, Bullaharre, Bung Bong, Burnbank, Burrumbeet, Bushfield, Byaduk, Byaduk North, Campbelltown, Camperdown, Cape Bridgewater, Caralulup, Caramut, Carapook, Carisbrook, Carngham, Carpendeit, Carranballac, Cashmore, Casterton, Cathcart, Cavendish, Chapple Vale, Chatsworth, Chepstowe, Cherrypool, Chetwynd, Chocolyn, Chute, Clover Flat, Cobden, Cobrico, Codrington, Coleraine, Condah, Condah Swamp, Coojar, Cooriemungle, Corndale, Cotswold, Cowleys Creek, Craigie, Cressy, Crossley, Cross Roads, Crowlands, Croxton East, Cudgee, Culla, Cundare North, Curdies River, Curdievale, Daisy Hill, Darlington, Dartmoor, Denicull Creek, Dennington, Dergholm, Derrinallum, Digby, Dixie, Dobie, Drik Drik, Drumborg, Dunach, Dundonnell, Dunkeld, Dunluce, Dunneworthy, Dunolly, Dunrobin, Dutton Way, Duverney, Ecklin South, Eddington, Elingamite, Elingamite North, Ellerslie, Elmhurst, Englefield, Ercildoune, Evansford, Eversley, Flagstaff, Foxhow, Framlingham, Framlingham East, Frenchmans, Garvoc, Gatum, Gazette, Gellibrand Lower, Gerrigerrup, Glenbrae, Glenfyne, Glengower, Glenisla, Glenlofty, Glenlogie, Glenormiston North, Glenormiston South, Glenpatrick, Glenthompson, Gnotuk, Golden Point, Goldsborough, Gorae, Gorae West, Grassdale, Grassmere, Great Western, Greenwald, Gringegalgona, Gritjurk, Hamilton, Harrow, Havelock, Hawkesdale, Heathmere, Hensley Park, Henty, Hexham, Heytesbury Lower, Heywood, Hilgay, Hillcrest, Homebush, Homerton, Hotspur, Illowa, Inkerman, Jancourt, Jancourt East, Karabeal, Kariah, Kennedys Creek, Killara, Killarney, Kirkstall, Knebsworth, Koallah, Kolora, Konongwootong, Koroit, Laang, Lake Bolac, Lake Condah, Lake Goldsmith, Lake Mundi, Lake Wongan, Lamplough, Landsborough, Landsborough West, Langi Kal Kal, Langi Logan, Larralea, Leslie Manor, Lexton, Lillicur, Lindsay, Linton, Lismore, Lyons, Macarthur, Mafeking, Main Lead, Majorca, Maroona, Maryborough, Melville Forest, Mena Park, Mepunga, Mepunga East, Mepunga West, Merino, Middle Creek, Milltown, Mingay, Minhamite, Mininera, Minjah, Mirranatwa, Moliagul, Moolort, Moonambel, Moonlight Flat, Mooralla, Morgiana, Mortlake, Mount Bute, Mount Cameron, Mount Cole, Mount Cole Creek, Mount Emu, Mount Glasgow, Mount Hooghly, Mount Lonarch, Mount Napier, Mount Richmond, Moutajup, Moyston, Mumbannar, Muntham, Myamyn, Nangeela, Nareeb, Nareen, Naringal, Naringal East, Naroghid, Narrapumelap South, Narrawong, Natte Yallock, Navarre, Nelson, Nerring, Nerrin Nerrin, Newfield, Nirranda, Nirranda East, Nirranda South, Noorat, Noorat East, Norval, Nowhere Creek, Nullawarre, Nullawarre North, Orford, Paaratte, Panmure, Paschendale, Penshurst, Percydale, Peterborough, Pigeon Ponds, Pirron Yallock, Pittong, Pomborneit, Pomborneit East, Pomborneit North, Pomonal, Port Campbell, Port Fairy, Portland, Portland North, Portland West, Princetown, Pura Pura, Purdeet, Purnim, Purnim West, Raglan, Rathscar, Rathscar West, Redbank, Rhymney, Rocklands, Rocky Point, Rosebrook, Rossbridge, Sandford, Scotts Creek, Shays Flat, Simpson, Simson, Skibo, Skipton, Smythesdale, Snake Valley, Southern Cross, South Purrumbete, Stavely, St Helens, Stockyard Hill, Stoneleigh, Stony Creek, Stonyford, Strathdownie, Strathkellar, Strathlea, Streatham, Tabor, Tahara, Tahara Bridge, Tahara West, Talbot, Tandarook, Tanwood, Taroon, Tarrayoukyan, Tarrenlea, Tarrington, Tarrone, Tatyoon, Terang, Tesbury, The Cove, The Sisters, Timboon, Timboon West, Timor, Timor West, Toolong, Tower Hill, Trawalla, Tyrendarra, Tyrendarra East, Vasey, Victoria Point, Victoria Valley, Vite Vite, Vite Vite North, Waarre, Wallacedale, Wando Bridge, Wando Vale, Wangoom, Wannon, Wareek, Warrabkook, Warrak, Warrayure, Warrenmang, Warrnambool, Warrock, Warrong, Waterloo, Wattle Creek, Wattle Hill, Waubra, Weerite, Werneth, Westmere, Wickliffe, Willatook, Willaura, Willaura North, Winnap, Winslow, Woodford, Woodhouse, Woolsthorpe, Woorndoo, Wootong Vale, Yalla-Y-Poora, Yambuk, Yangery, Yarpturk, Yatchaw and Yulecart.