TaxStats for postcode 3250 FY2013

Postcode 3250 includes Colac, Colac East, Colac West, Elliminyt in Victoria, and is in the federal electorate of Corangamite.

In FY 2013 the ATO recorded 6,505 individuals in postcode 3250. Of these people, 6,475 made a taxable income or loss. 5,085 of the population paid a gross amount of tax. After tax offsets, 4,545 people actually paid a net amount of tax. There were 1,930 non-taxable people who paid net tax of $0.

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3250 TaxStats FY2013%Ppl#Ppl3250
Total Individuals100%6,505
Salary or Wage 79%5,150$42,452$218,628,613
Gross Interest56%3,650$2,026$7,396,179
Unfranked Dividends12%785$372$291,887
Franked Dividends23%1,495$4,551$6,803,101
Dividend Franking Credit23%1,490$1,956$2,914,603
Capital Gains3%225$7,977$1,794,912
Termination Payouts1%90$8,641$777,702
Tips/Directors Fees etc25%1,615$1,414$2,284,181
Business Income7%425$11,987$5,094,523
Foreign Income4%265$460$121,888
Government payments10%655$5,222$3,420,153
Government pensions8%495$10,084$4,991,694
Total Income or Loss100%6,485$43,798$284,026,900
Charitable Gifts34%2,230$206$460,394
Cost of Tax Affairs52%3,390$252$855,441
Work Car expenses26%1,675$1,789$2,996,098
Work Travel expenses7%425$1,879$798,620
Self Education expenses4%275$1,927$529,957
Total Deductions81%5,280$2,482$13,107,073
Taxable Income100%6,475$41,774$270,488,980
Medicare Levy 67%4,340$809$3,512,645
Medicare Surcharge 1%50$1,166$58,293
Gross Tax 78%5,085$8,852$45,010,245
Net Tax 70%4,545$9,992$45,413,335
Average Tax 100%6,505 $6,981$45,413,335
Gross Tax Rate 78%5,085 21%$45,010,245
Net Tax Rate 70%4,545 24%$45,413,335
Average Tax Rate 100%6,505 17%$45,413,335
%PPL is rounded Percentage of total individuals used in the average (AVG).
#PPL is the number of individuals used to calculate the average (AVG).
*Tax Rates calculated from Taxable Income.
*Treat each stat/line item separately. Columns while related do not total due to different numbers of people used in each calculation.

The average taxable income was $41,774. It is estimated that the average taxable income for people who paid a net amount of tax was $54418.

The average net tax paid was $9,992. This equates to an average tax of 24 cents in the dollar on taxable income.

The Medicare levy was paid by 4,340 people for an average of $809. 50 people paid $1,166 on average more for the Medicare surcharge.

5,150 people earned a salary or wage and took home an average of $42,452 each.

Government allowance and payments were collected by 655 people for on average $5,222. 495 people received the pension or other allowance.

Charitable gifts and donations of an average of $206 were made by 2,230 people.

The costs of tax affairs for 3,390 people were claimed for $252 each.