TaxStats for postcode 7466 FY2013

Postcode 7466 includes Gormanston, Gormanston in Tasmania, and is in the federal electorate of Braddon.

In FY 2013 the ATO recorded 5 individuals in postcode 7466. Of these people, 5 made a taxable income or loss. 5 of the population paid a gross amount of tax. After tax offsets, 5 people actually paid a net amount of tax. There were 0 non-taxable people who paid net tax of $0.

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7466 TaxStats FY2013%Ppl#Ppl7466
Total Individuals100%5
Salary or Wage 100%5$16,368$81,842
Gross Interest%0$$0
Unfranked Dividends%0$$0
Franked Dividends%0$$0
Dividend Franking Credit%0$$0
Capital Gains%0$$0
Termination Payouts%0$$0
Tips/Directors Fees etc%0$$0
Business Income%0$$0
Foreign Income%0$$0
Government payments%0$$0
Government pensions%0$$0
Total Income or Loss100%5$16,368$81,842
Charitable Gifts100%5$138$690
Cost of Tax Affairs100%5$23$115
Work Car expenses%0$$0
Work Travel expenses%0$$0
Self Education expenses%0$$0
Total Deductions100%5$295$1,475
Taxable Income100%5$16,073$80,367
Medicare Levy 100%5$241$1,206
Medicare Surcharge %0$$0
Gross Tax 100%5$3,537$17,683
Net Tax 100%5$3,766$18,831
Average Tax 100%5 $3,766$18,831
Gross Tax Rate 100%5 22%$17,683
Net Tax Rate 100%5 23%$18,831
Average Tax Rate 100%5 23%$18,831
%PPL is rounded Percentage of total individuals used in the average (AVG).
#PPL is the number of individuals used to calculate the average (AVG).
*Tax Rates calculated from Taxable Income.
*Treat each stat/line item separately. Columns while related do not total due to different numbers of people used in each calculation.

The average taxable income was $16,073. It is estimated that the average taxable income for people who paid a net amount of tax was $16073.

The average net tax paid was $3,766. This equates to an average tax of 23 cents in the dollar on taxable income.

The Medicare levy was paid by 5 people for an average of $241.

5 people earned a salary or wage and took home an average of $16,368 each.

Government allowance and payments were collected by 0 people for on average $. 0 people received the pension or other allowance.

Charitable gifts and donations of an average of $138 were made by 5 people.

The costs of tax affairs for 5 people were claimed for $23 each.