Darwin LocalStats Australia

In the 2011 Census the population of darwin-nt is and is comprised of % females and % males.

The median/average age of darwin-nt's population is years of age

% of people living in Australia were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth wer.

% of people speak English as their first languag.

The religious make up of darwin-nt i.

% of people are married, % have never married and % are separated or divorced. There are widowed people living in darwin-nt.

% of the people living in darwin-nt are employed full time, % are working on a part time basis. darwin-nt has an unemployment rate of %..

The main occupations of people from darwin-nt i.

The median individual income is $0.00 per week and the median household income is $0.00 per week.

% of homes are fully owned, and % are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage. % of homes are rented.

The median rent in darwin-nt is $ per week and the median mortgage repayment is $ per month.