3475 VS VIC TaxStats FY2013

Postcode 3475 includes Archdale, Archdale Junction, Bealiba, Burkes Flat, Cochranes Creek, Emu, Logan in Victoria, and is in the federal electorate of Mallee.

3475 VS vic
TaxStats FY2013
Total Individuals100%175100%3,173,515
Salary or Wage 63%110$35,62779%2,505,685$52,564
Gross Interest66%115$1,88957%1,809,890$2,083
Unfranked Dividends14%25$22510%308,960$778
Franked Dividends20%35$1,12423%738,985$7,146
Dividend Franking Credit20%35$48223%736,700$3,067
Capital Gains6%10$16,2214%132,920$19,666
Termination Payouts3%5$1,0682%60,565$14,313
Tips/Directors Fees etc20%35$2,35319%590,595$3,685
Business Income11%20$8,98810%302,500$21,832
Foreign Income3%5$365%161,335$1,563
Government payments11%20$6,4997%223,345$5,314
Government pensions9%15$12,5765%160,790$9,397
Total Income or Loss100%175$35,686100%3,159,320$55,828
Charitable Gifts26%45$11039%1,232,200$488
Cost of Tax Affairs31%55$24550%1,573,340$366
Work Car expenses17%30$1,97627%860,910$2,674
Work Travel expenses6%10$1,21410%327,430$1,389
Self Education expenses3%5$4084%134,315$2,007
Total Deductions63%110$2,27281%2,571,550$3,172
Taxable Income97%170$33,93499%3,153,015$53,260
Medicare Levy 54%95$76370%2,215,495$1,022
Medicare Surcharge 3%5$8091%39,620$1,213
Gross Tax 66%115$8,14180%2,542,775$13,802
Net Tax 57%100$8,61973%2,332,460$15,400
Average Tax 100%175 $4,925100%3,173,515 $11,319
Gross Tax Rate 66%115 24%80%2,542,775 26%
Net Tax Rate 57%100 25%73%2,332,460 29%
Average Tax Rate 100%175 15%100%3,173,515 21%
%PPL is rounded Percentage of total individuals used in the average (AVG).
#PPL is the number of individuals used to calculate the average (AVG).
*Tax Rates calculated from Taxable Income.
*Treat each stat/line item separately. Columns while related do not total due to different numbers of people used in each calculation.