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In the 2011 census the population of Broome was 12,766 and is comprised of approximately 49.1% females and 50.9% males.

The median/average age of the population of Broome is 33 years of age.

74.2% of people living in the region of Broome were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were 4.5% United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man, 2.2% New Zealand, 1.0% Philippines, 0.6% South Africa, 0.6% Germany, 0.4% India, 0.4% Thailand, 0.3% Ireland, 0.3% Korea, Republic of .

80.4% of people living in Broome speak English only. The other top languages spoken are 11.6% Language spoken at home not stated, 2.0% Australian Indigenous Languages , 1.2% Other, 0.5% Filipino , 0.5% Thai, 0.5% German, 0.4% Italian, 0.3% Tagalog, 0.3% Korean.

The religious makeup of Broome is 28.8% No religion, 28.4% Catholic, 15.6% Religious affiliation not stated, 13.2% Anglican, 2.6% Uniting Church, 1.7% Christian, nfd, 1.5% Presbyterian and Reformed, 1.4% Buddhism, 1.3% Baptist, 1.0% Other religious affiliation .

36.4% of people are married, 49.3% have never married and 8.3% are divorced and 3.6% are separated. There are 233 widowed people living in Broome.

68.2% of the people living in Broome over the age of 15 and who identify as being in the labour force are employed full time, 20.7% are working on a part time basis. Broome has an unemployment rate of 4.1%.

The main occupations of people living in Broome are 19.1% Professionals, 17.1% Technicians & trades workers, 14.6% Clerical & administrative workers, 13.2% Managers, 12.5% Community & personal service workers, 8.3% Labourers, 8.0% Sales workers, 5.6% Machinery operators & drivers, 1.6% Occupation inadequately described/ Not stated.

The main industries people from Broome work in are 13.0% Health care and social assistance, 10.4% Retail trade, 10.0% Construction, 9.9% Accommodation and food services, 9.5% Education and training, 9.2% Public administration and safety, 7.8% Transport, postal and warehousing, 4.8% Other services, 3.3% Administrative and support services.

15.8% of homes are fully owned, and 23.2% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage. 56.5% of homes are rented.

The median individual income is $863 per week and the median household income is $1716 per week.

The median rent in Broome is $220 per week and the median mortgage repayment is $2600 per month.