6477 VS WA TaxStats FY2013

Postcode 6477 includes Bencubbin, Welbungin in Western Australia, and is in the federal electorate of Durack.

6477 VS wa
TaxStats FY2013
Total Individuals100%160100%1,447,975
Salary or Wage 56%90$44,56281%1,177,725$64,001
Gross Interest69%110$3,13254%786,285$1,944
Unfranked Dividends9%15$4097%103,835$731
Franked Dividends31%50$6,00719%272,815$8,098
Dividend Franking Credit31%50$2,57419%271,580$3,483
Capital Gains6%10$8,6584%56,235$28,519
Termination Payouts%0$2%34,105$12,991
Tips/Directors Fees etc16%25$1,16814%208,025$4,343
Business Income12%20$4,2308%114,120$27,394
Foreign Income6%10$984%61,550$2,439
Government payments6%10$3,4495%73,670$5,112
Government pensions3%5$8,6715%65,410$9,408
Total Income or Loss100%160$53,369100%1,442,355$67,833
Charitable Gifts19%30$54632%460,915$473
Cost of Tax Affairs34%55$41746%671,195$434
Work Car expenses12%20$1,95622%323,710$2,293
Work Travel expenses6%10$1,5197%101,790$1,761
Self Education expenses3%5$1,1954%62,785$1,912
Total Deductions69%110$3,28782%1,190,150$2,868
Taxable Income97%155$46,95999%1,438,395$65,470
Medicare Levy 69%110$94273%1,059,935$1,218
Medicare Surcharge 3%5$1,3983%41,335$1,309
Gross Tax 78%125$11,54783%1,197,095$18,488
Net Tax 75%120$11,98577%1,118,205$20,279
Average Tax 100%160 $8,989100%1,447,975 $15,661
Gross Tax Rate 78%125 25%83%1,197,095 28%
Net Tax Rate 75%120 26%77%1,118,205 31%
Average Tax Rate 100%160 19%100%1,447,975 24%
%PPL is rounded Percentage of total individuals used in the average (AVG).
#PPL is the number of individuals used to calculate the average (AVG).
*Tax Rates calculated from Taxable Income.
*Treat each stat/line item separately. Columns while related do not total due to different numbers of people used in each calculation.